+International Workers Centre for Social & Economic Justice

The new Leicester International Workers Centre for Social & Economic Justice is coming to Leicester and Leicestershire. Please help us by completing and returning the accompanying survey – the link is at the end of this article.

The Centre will fight for social & economic justice in the City and County. It will campaign in support of the unemployed and for an end to workers and their families being in poverty or under the threat of poverty, including the self-employed.

We shall promote, support and recruit workers into trade unions.

Trade Unionists, supporters and those wishing to learn about trade unions will be particularly welcome at the new centre.

Our Policies will be informed by the Leicester & District Trades Union Council and County Association and the Leicester Social Forum.

Our Campaigns will be informed through research, e.g. the Leicester trades council policy of setting a maximum income on the rich until poverty is eradicated is part inspired by F.D. Roosevelt, who when President of the USA proposed a 100% maximum income on the rich. In 1944 he achieved a 94% tax level on the rich and the policy lasted for about 30 years.

Does it surprise you that the people of Leicester are the, `poorest in the UK`?

Ref: Leicester Mercury, 28 May 2015.

The struggles ahead will be hard as we expose & fight to end poverty including Leicester’s 37% & rising child poverty with 10% child poverty in the county. Poverty in the UK is rising with Leicester people receiving some of the lowest incomes.

It is our intention to support existing trade union organisations & campaigns and not to duplicate them. This includes support for public services & social welfare rights.

The Centre will be attractive, accessible & welcoming to new visitors.

The Arts and Literature will be promoted in our challenge to capitalism. Greening of the centre and urban/rural areas to fight pollution will also help promote socialist concepts. This includes the defence of our shared NHS and safe urban and rural environments for young people to grow, play and learn.

TV screens around the centre will provide news through trade union feeds on health & safety and welfare, on other local, national and international workers struggles and social & economic issues that affect workers, friends and families.

Workers in dispute, such as Junior Doctors, will be supported with information and training and as a place to organise from.

Celebrations and Commemorations

Celebrating people and dates in Labour Movement history locally, nationally & internationally is part of our strategy for community & political education including, for example:

1905 Leicester Unemployed Workers March to London

1914 Leicester Anti-War Demonstrations

1897 to 1918 suffragettes and the fight for women’s rights 1936-39 volunteers who fought fascism in Spain

1993 murder of Stephen Lawrence*.

*After the MacPherson enquiry into the murder of Stephen Lawrence, many, including Leicester City Council, declared that they were organisations that are institutionally racist.

Our campaigns will aim to be social class based, discussing in plain language the economic links associated with Race & Class, Women & Class, Disability & Class, LGBT & Class, Young People & Class and other equality based working class issues.

Information on trades unions affiliated to Leicester trades council will be made available so that, if not already a member, you can decide the appropriate trade union to join.

Support for newly recruited and returning trade unionists who wish to organise with their fellow workers will be given.

Leicester Red-Thread Co-operative, a not-for-profit organisation, will run the centre with donations from supporters, fund raisers and an initial grant from the TUC national unemployed workers centre development fund. Please complete the attached survey. This will help our centre to develop. 


CONTACT DETAILS: Leicester Red-Thread Co-operative, C/o CASE, 1 The Crescent, King Street, Leicester LE1 6RX http://www.leicesterredthread.wordpress.com